The challenge of making new friends

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By Caitlin Kelly THE BREAKFAST CLUB, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, 1985. ©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection This story hit home for me, recently reprinted: After 30, people often experience internal shifts in how they approach friendship. Self-discovery gives way to self-knowledge, so you become pickier…

Mein Stadtteil

Heute möchte ich euch etwas über meinen Heimatort “Tân Bình Bezirk” berichten. Dieser Stadtteil liegt nicht im Zentrum von Hồ-Chí-Minh-Stadt. Dort bin ich aufgewachsen. Obwohl es nicht in der Stadtmitte ist, ist es genauso modern wie Bezirk 1. Es gibt viele Einfamilien- oder Mehrfamilienhäuser und nur einige Wohnblocks. Die Verkehrssituation ist, wie in anderen Bezirken, […]

To me

There’s so much against you: the world’s cruel prejudices, its judgment. By April Vázquez via To my daughter who thinks she might be gay —

10 reasons to travel alone

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By Caitlin Kelly I went to say thank you and good-bye to one of the waitresses at my last hotel, and we chatted for a bit. Then she exclaimed: “But…you’re alone!” True. I’d stayed a week at a 23-room historic hotel and I hadn’t seen anyone else there who was traveling…

Hồi ức của kẻ sát nhân – Movie review

Oaaaaaa mới thi đại học xong nên giờ mới có thời gian cập nhật lại wordpress. Hôm nay mình mới coi được một bộ phim mà crush rủ mình coi từ hồi hai ngày trước :)) Bộ phim tên là Memories of Murder (Hồi ức của kẻ sát nhân). Đây không phải lần đầu mình […]